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An exceptionally talented fractional Head of HR/CHRO, for as little as half the cost of a full-time hire

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Chris Wallace, an Infinite CXO on-demand executive brings a powerful suite of skills and experience to their solution offerings.

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Develop an Extraordinary, High Performance Culture...
With An Exceptionally Talented Fractional CHRO Leading Your HR Strategy

Your fractional Head of HR/ CHRO will have a strong track record of success and will professionalize every area of your HR function


Strategic HR Planning

  • We'll align your HR strategy with your values so you attract candidates with the right cultural fit.
  • With the right organizational design, your hiring practices will reflect your culture and brand essence.

Assessing Talent

  • We'll take a close look at your people, their aspirations and your long term goals, to figure out what you require to make your business thrive.
  • Then, we use industry-leading best practices and assessment tools to make smarter hiring decisions.

Compensation & Benefits

  • A competitive and well structured compensation plan and benefits program means you’ll attract and retain top talent.
  • We'll help you create a plan that keeps your team happy and aligns with your strategic goals.

Building A Dream Team

  • We'll help you find and hire the right people for your team, starting with figuring out the skills and qualities you need for each role.
  • Then, we ask the right questions in interviews to make sure the candidate is a perfect fit.


  • We'll ensure your new team members get off to a great start and want to stay with you for the long term. We'll guide them through their first few weeks and beyond.
  • We'll create a documented 90-day plan to set them up for success.

Training & Development

  • We'll identify where your team is missing skills or knowledge, and create a plan to close those gaps.
  • We'll set up ongoing learning, facilitators, a buddy system and metric tracking so your team keeps growing.

Developing Strong Leaders

  • We'll help you keep your team happy, engaged and performing at their best by focusing on leadership, feedback and planning for the future.
  • We'll help you set up a performance appraisal system that's fair and effective, with 360 degree feedback.

Strengthening Your HR Team

  • We'll help you build a strong and reliable HR department to handle compliance, support your employees and stay ahead of the game.
  • We'll connect you with valuable resources such as SHRM and set you up with human resources information systems to streamline processes.

HR Leadership

  • We'll help you build an industry-leading culture, driving exponential growth from the inside out.
  • We'll work closely with your senior team to ensure they're fully on board with HR initiatives and invested in their importance.

Great People Drive Exponential Growth... Scale Rapidly: Build A High Caliber Fractional C-Suite (For As Little As Half The Cost Of A Full-time Alternative)

The fractional c-suite model enables you to have a world class leader for every function in your business

Our expert fractional and interim c-suite executives are a flexible way to get "Leadership on Demand" as you grow your business.

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